The Federal Witch Series

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Imagine a world where Witches, Weres, and Vampires work among us. The Paranormals came out to the world in 1914 and it hasn’t been the same ever since. History as we know it took a left turn as world events changed. World war two never happened as we remember might it. The Demon War raged across Europe at that time. Each country was forced to deal with the new reality or suffer the consequences. In the United States they angered the Paranormals by locking them up or ignoring their issues. Regular humans are not equipped to deal with Magic Users. But there might be a solution.

Agatha Blackmore is a Witch and she has all but been drafted by the FBI to help. Demons, Dragons, Weres, and Fae are her opponents. What can one small Witch and her pet Unicorn do against the world?

Conjuring Quantico
Published: 2018-10-29
The start of a brand new paranormal series about a butt-kicking witch that joins the FBI to help save the world.

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